Someone once said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Living just for ourselves is not enough. If we are, then whatever we do, whatever happens to us, whatever we go through is only known to ourselves and those closes to us. So why not open up to the rest of the world? The great John Paul II said: “Man is great not by reason of what he possesses, but by what he is — not by what he has, but by what he shares with others.” If such words were spoken by such a great man, they must be true. So if you have something noble, share it with others and it will become even more noble, more beautiful.
All our talents, aims, ideas should be presented to the world. Every single life is extraordinary, beautiful, unique. Every human being is extraordinary – regardless what they are like, what they look like, how many mistakes they have made in their life. That is why we give a helping hand to the rest of the world. We share our experiences with the rest of the world. Let’s lend our voice to those who go unheard. Let’s make others aware of the situation we are in, for not everyone has enough empathy to be aware of what life is like in a wheelchair, with Alzheimer’s disease, or in a dysfunctional family. We all live on the same one planet, breath the same air, hence we should get to know each other.

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